Last week didn’t go to plan (I was full of cold for the early part of it) so needed to get back on it this week. After a slow start (I struggled with 5 miles on the treadmill on Monday) I’m pleased I got out and put in some good mileage towards the end of the week.

I managed just shy of a half marathon on Friday, then completed 17 miles on Sunday. That’s the first time I’ve completed longer runs with only one day break between them. I haven’t felt any pain so far so fingers crossed my body is handling it ok.

I started taking some energy gels from MyProtein this week. It felt like they made the runs a lot easier than this distance has felt previously so they seem a good find. My times aren’t improving, but I put that down to the fact it’s Christmas and I’m eating and drinking my weight in party food and booze.

I have another week of eating what I like ahead, then I’ll have to get strict on the diet in order to start improving things. I have a fair bit of body fat to shift in order to be at the ideal weight.

I’ve included screenshots for this weeks runs below.